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I recently performed as Fraulein Schneider in Springer Opera House's "Cabaret", and alongside Maxwell Caulfield (Grease 2, Empire Records) as Elizabeth in Judson Theatre's production of the classic thriller "Gaslight".




I enjoy chocolate, cheese, obscure musical theatre songs, and Murder, She Wrote. But I try not to enjoy them all at the same time. 


Once, when I was appearing in a Dame Agatha Christie show, a dear friend asked if I would like to become a Dame as well. I thought she was joking, so I said yes. She was NOT joking, which technically makes me Dame Jennifer Hope, but I don't expect to be addressed by my title except during strike.

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Jennifer Hope

"Jennifer Hope was a standout (Prather Productions 'Mary Poppins') as Mr. Banks' horrible nanny Miss Andrew. Clad all in black, she swoops around like a cross between Cruella DeVil and Miss Hannigan. That she is also portraying the gentle Bird Woman shows her versatility. And what a voice she has." - Broadwayworld Review

        Jennifer Hope Actor Reel

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